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Fat Burn Workouts - 5 Fat Burning Exercises For The Stomach That Works

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I’m coming for you fat hey guys welcome to your sweaty fat loss cardio so todays going to be a ten minute class thats going to incorporate cradio moves as well as abs so if you’re ready grab a mat some water let it cry ok guys so were going to begin by starting with our lunge squat jumps were going to do a full set of 20 start with left foot in front come into big wide lunge come into a big squat with your knee low to the ground.

Jump up and switch you’re almost there release coming all the way down roll up coming up into a burpee if this is challenging you can always use your hands as you come up push your hands to the floor take it back roll through use your core make sure the movement is nice and fluid going right into our roll up exercise rounding through rolling up to boat use your abs here don’t let the feet touch the floor from here going to boat to canoe extend and in 10 on each side.

Good job come to center one more set alright lets come over to plank right up to your elbows hand hand elbow elbow keep your body as still as possible were doing 8 here plank hops jump in with both feet extend jump out try to get those knees as close to the chest as possible each time you hop out you guys are doing great slow motion mountain climbers one knee to chest at a time really paying attention to getting those knees high keeping your plank position make sure you’re breathing through it.

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Do not hold ur breath take a coward facing dog from here take a moment to breathe round through into plank for one plank for 2 this is a moment for you to catch your breathe exhale 4 be ready were going to do our mountain climbers find the speed roll over to your back were almost done stay with me here double leg stretch extend and bring it in and two as you extend keep the lower back down you’re almost done keep going toe touches keep your lower body still were just working the upper abs.

Just working the torso keep that tempo up maximize the burning of our calories coming up were going to finish off with some plea squats jumps starting by coming into a deep squat jump and down knees pointed out away from you trying to get your tail bone to get down jumping up and down plea and up and two and three and four draw your naval to your spine you’re almost done guys I promise you find that stretngth within you hold your squat and then releasing your body into your stretch.

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