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It jiggles everywhere, it jiggles when I run It jiggles when I laugh, it jiggles when I’m riding the bus I feel like everyone is looking at my belly I get it. I’m a little bit fat Hi guys, Jacob Nadav here, and in the next few minutes I’m going to show you the best way to lose belly fat try this, touch the fat on your face feel the temperature feel. Now, touch the fat on your belly. Is your belly colder If your belly is colder it’s because it doesn’t get good blood supply and blood.

Carries oxygen and hormones all needed to lose fat. If your belly, love handles or arm fat are colder and you can’t get good blood supply in there. well yeah you’re going to struggle! Lack of sleep, stress and even exercise can all produce cortisol, which unfortunately makes us fat. The interesting thing is when cortisol is alright within normal range yet we react as if it’s high and we store fat. this is due to nasty little enzymes in your abdominal tissue called HSD type 1. If they are active.

Regardless if Cortisol is high or ok. You are going to store fat. Right here in your belly. But with a bit of knowledge.You won’t have to! Unless you live in an organic farm, you can expect to have too much estrogen and insulin. High estrogen means less testosterone which unfortunately for men also mean accumulation of chest fat but also known as moobs. As for insulin, when it’s high, growth hormone has to be low. You need growth hormone high because it targets belly fat. Movement! I’ve made a whole tutorial to explain why the subject of movement is huge!.

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Movement based training is far more powerful than running or training chest on one day and legs on another asymmetrical movement is going to make you lose weight much faster If you just do ‘cardio’ or ‘resistance training’ there’s a good chance you are not optimizing your fat breaking cycles. FAT BREAKING YES! If you don’t break fat, you are forced to use glycogen and sweat. That means you are losing water. not fat! Quiz time! Who do you think is going to do better Pro, who has protocols to move better, manage intensities, manipulated his nutrition.

Blood flow and get the correct hormonal balance. Or newbie, who thinks it’s just about Sweating, calories and running. Look, I’m not going to tell you that calories and hard work aren’t going to work to some extent. But if you limit yourself to that thinking your results are going to be very limited as well! at the end of 2014 I did a 5 weeks body transformation. I wanted to do something a bit crazy Oh no! help I’m fat! I’m a fat personal trainer! Take a good look. For the record OK Google, what’s the date today.

It is Sunday, the 20th of September, 2015 Ok good. If you’re wondering. It’s impossible to photoshop the jiggle. I’ve got a meal plan, it’s personalized to me. My exercise is not going to be Go to the gym and word hard and you” be fine or do a lot of cardio. over the next five weeks I’m going to go to the gym, mobilize then activate, break and burn fat. Why It has to be done in that order because I don’t want to lose water, I want the best way to lose fat.

The perfect plan, the fastest way to lose belly fat, as much as humanly possible over the next five weeks. It’s not that complicated. All I have to do is follow it. Let’s see what happens! Touch the fat on your face and touch the fat on your belly. Mine isn’t colder anymore It’s actually kinda warm, surprisingly nice! I feel amazing, alive. I feel like myself again. OK Google, What’s the date today It is Sunday, the 25th of October, 2015 Alright there you go, that’s exactly 5 weeks. Just to put it in perceptive, that’s like 1 month 1 week.

Moment of truth Aha, not so fat anymore! Great! I’m don’t know how much you’re used to seeing your body changing in 5 weeks But I’m not doing what everyone else are doing. I’m doing something different and this is the type of results I’m getting. I want you to move better, feel better, see the fastest way to lose belly fat On the scale and in the mirror! Well hello, have you been taking handsome pills I want to take my reputation, put it on the line, and show you how fitness should really be done!.

You will eat better. You will improve mobility And you will lose a ton of belly fat in just 5 weeks. There’s no calories to count, no crunches situps to do Even running is completely optional. You will love it! please share my fat to ripped experiment because A. look at this face and B. I think it’s a really good tutorial and I think you need to share it if you found it interesting. guys thank you very much for staying in and watching my tutorial please share my.

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