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Fat Burning Dumbbell Circuit Training

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX . So today we’re not only going to do the fastest way to burn fat, but really the funnest way to burn fat. Jessie is saying that funnest is not a word. I’m going with funnest.

If you could tell me, if you could let me know if it’s a word, or not. Most fun, funnest; you get the point. The idea is ‘not boring’, okay? Getting on a treadmill which a lot of people are going to do this time of year is freaking boring. It’s not even the best way to burn fat.

What we need to start doing is get complexes into our training. I’m not saying get complex with your training. I’m saying ‘build complexes into your training. We’re actually going to do them here with dumbbells because a lot of people dont have access to a barbell that are following this channel, and just want something they can do at home.

The good thing is, you can do them with even a single set of dumbbells, and it’s usually dictated off of your overhead press. So what we’re going to do is take your overhead press weight and you’re going to do your 12 rep max for 6 reps. Trust me. This is going to get hard.

You do your 6 rep max from there and you’re going to go straight down and rack them on your shoulders those same dumbbells without changing weight and without really resting and go right into a dumbbell front squat. From here you’re going to do the same thing; 6 reps. Then you’re going to go down and you’re going to switch to a dumbbell row. Of course, even as you start getting into these later exercises the weight is light.

Enough so that there is no inherent danger here because the problem is, as we do these exercises, as people program complexes more and more these days inappropriately, they’re making you do heavy, heavy weights on exercises in a fatigued state. That’s not what we’re doing here. As you see, we finish with a deadlift. Here we have, again, you can do this with a barbell very easily.

You use your deadlift now, and you finish with 6 reps, you rest 75 seconds, 90 seconds at most, and get right back into the next set. Here’s the next key point: you’re going to decrease the descending pyramid in terms of the rep scheme. Again, to back up the same idea that you’re going to become fatigued. Trust me, you do one or two rounds of this and you’re going to become very fatigued.

So we’re going to help that and assist that to maintain the integrity of the exercise, and the form that you’re using while you’re doing them by decreasing the reps down to 5. You go all the way through 5, you go through 4, you go through 3, you go through 2, and you go through 1 rep. All the way through, each time.

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