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Fat Burning Cycling Training

Hi, guys! I’m trainer Amy Jo, and some little birdytold me you guys absolutely loved the last 20 minute spin cycle tutorial that I did. So, it forced me into doing another one. So here we are. We’re going to do another 20 minute spin cycletutorial just for you guys. So the first one, remember your hip bone iswhere your seat should be at. So line up, stand up next to your bike, theseat right at your hip bone.

And get on in your spin bike. I’m going to start my timer. We’re going to go right into a nice warmup. So we’ve got our water, we’ve got our handlebars,this is position one, this is position two, and standing up, driving it out, is positionthree. All right? We’re going to go through that a few timesduring the workout. So warming up, turning the right, I’m assuming,on most or all of your spin bikes is harder.

Turning to left is easier. So, let’s find your five. If you’re on the level one to ten – tenbeing super, super hard and one being really easy – let’s find that five and let’s justget some blood flow going. Remember, we want to keep your heels presseddown. You never want to point your toes when you’respinning, all right? So, remaining in good posture. In five more seconds we’re going to crankit up to the right and let’s take it to your

level six. Two, one, here we go. Your level six. So we use the levels a lot because everybody’sdifferent. So one to ten allows you to feel like youknow how to push yourself, you know what level you’re on. You’ve got to go harder. Your level five is someone’s level four, orthree.

All right. Number seven. Take it to your level seven. Dig in a little deeper. Let’s hang out here for 20 seconds. Keeping those heels pressed down. Airways opened. Don’t hunch over.

Up and open. The higher the level, obviously, the sloweryou go because you’re pushing on that resistance. Three, two, let’s go back down to level four. Your level four. Nice. Stay here for about 20 more seconds and we’regoing to climb up again. Five, six, seven, back down to four. This is still our warmup.

10min Bike Workout Lose 10 lbs in 10 days

Okay. For this ten minute workout, you’regoing to need a stationary bike and if you don’t have one, then you’ll haveto do one of my many other ten minute workouts to make you look good naked.And before we start this workout, go ahead and get your stationarybike set up so you’ll be all ready to go, but also make sure that you’rewarmed up for at least five to ten minutes and if you’re already warmed upthen let’s go ahead and get started. Okay. Wait for the countdown clock in thecorner to appear. All right, in

ten seconds, you’re going to start pedalingas fast as you can. All right, get ready. Get ready, we’re going to pedalreal fast. Get ready, we’re going to start in three, two, one. Go. All right, come on, pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal.Come on, as fast as you can, come on. Pedal as fast as you can, comeon. Keep it up. Keep it up, and stop. Now, relax. There you go. In sevenmore seconds, we’re going to pedal fast again, all right? Get ready, get yourself ready. Come on, ready,and go. Come on, pedal.

Pedal as fast as you can, as fast as you can.Come on. Come on. Pretend like you’re trying to get away from a dogthat’s chasing you. Come on, pedal fast. Get away from that dog, pedalfast. Pedal. And stop. All right, relax. There you go, keep youreye on that clock. There you go. Almost, get ready, and go. Pedal, pedal, pedal.Come on, fast. Fast, pick it up pick it up. Jut for ten seconds, asfast as you can. Give it all you got. Come on, pedal real fast. Come on keeppedaling, keep pedaling, and stop. Now if this is too easy for you, andif you want to, you can just

pedal real slow right now, all right? Justkeep moving, don’t stop. Ready? And go. Come on, fast. Come on, pedalfast. Pedal fast, there you go. Go faster than me, come on. Real fast,come on, get it up, get it up. Come on, fast. Come on, intensity. And stop.There you go, relax. Whatever you do, I don’t want you to quit, all right?I don’t care if you just sit there and stare at your bike for ten minutes,just a ten minute workout, don’t quite. Go. Come on, pedal fast, pick it up, pickit up. Come on, get that speed

up, get away. Get away from that dog. Comeon, keep going. Remember, you’ve got a big dog chasing you. Come on, fast,fast. And stop. There you go, relax. All right, look at that clock. Waitfor it to say go, and then go again, all right? Come on, three more seconds, get ready. Andgo. Come on, speed, speed, speed, speed. Pick it up, pick it up. Comeon, five more seconds, five more seconds. Get ready. Almost, almost time torest. And stop. There you go. All right, look at that clock. About to startback up again. Just think

about that nice looking body you’re goingto have after you’re done doing this workout. And go. That’s right keep going. You’ve gotto make it hard, you’ve got to make it intense, because look. If it’s nothard and it’s not intense, you’re not going to burn your fat. Come on,make it intense. Pedal fast, pedal fast. And stop. Come on, I know it’s working you, all right?If it’s working you, that means it’s working for you. That means you’reburning fat, all right? You

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