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Yo, what’s going on, guys Troy here with MuscleTactics, chilling out here in downtown L.A. We got the Staples Center, home to the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers behind me. And obviously living out here in Southern California in L.A. it’s a super imageconscious area, everybody wants to be ripped everybody wants those sixpack abs. And yet, we are all human. We all have our cravings for bad food, so I thought this would be an interesting topic. I want to dive into what to do after you eat a really, really.

Unhealthy, highcarb meal. So you have that huge meal that you guys regret and now you’re freaking out. You’re like, Oh shit, I wonder how much fat did I just gain from that meal. But I want to give you guys a little sixpart blueprint on what to do to basically erase that bad meal like it never even happened. So let me dive right into this. The first thing you want to do after you had that really highcarb, highcalorie cheat meal is you want to have two tablespoons of white vinegar. I actually just read this on.

The one and only Doctor Oz’s website, but I read that consuming two tablespoons of white vinegar right after you’ve had that really highcarb, highcalorie meal is going to lower the insulin impact. Really high insulin levels not directly following a workout pertain to fat storage, so you want to negate this insulin spike and you can achieve this by consuming two tablespoons of white vinegar. Another thing that you want to do after these really highcalorie meals, after your cheat days especially, is you want to perform highintensity interval training and that sometime in the.

Fat Burning Diet Secret From A Male Fitness Model What To Eat After A HighCarb Meal

Next 24hour span. So when I have my cheat days, I’ll always structure doing about 10 sprint intervals on the following day. Running sprint intervals is the easiest way to do highintensity interval training a lot of the Science of Abs program is that fastswitch cardio, which is all highintensity interval training, and this is the best form of cardio for burning fat. When I have that really highcalorie day, that crazy cheat meal, I will always make sure that I do highintensity interval training that next day to prevent any kind.

Of fat storage associated with that day or that large meal. Another thing you can do is you want to have LCarnitine and fish oil together. It’s been shown that LCarnitine actually utilizes the fat cells in the body for energy, but only when there’s Omega3 present, so you want to make sure you have Omega3 present in your body. After you have that crazy cheat meal, have some liquid LCarnitine mixed with some fish oil or not mixed, I should say, but together. Take a shot of fish oil, take a.

Shot of LCarnitine and you guys will be perfect. That way, your body will utilize these fat cells for energy it’s going to prevent any kind of fat storage. The next thing you want to do after this crazy cheat meal is sometime in the two hours following, you want to have a really big glass of hot green tea with some lemon juice. I always try to incorporate natural metabolism boosters especially on days when I’m exceeding my calorie baseline. Say you had a bunch of Pasta Alfredo and you had a 2000calorie meal with dessert and the.

Whole nine yards of cheesecake factory whatever the hell you guys are eating, follow it in the next couple of hours with a really healthy, natural metabolismboosting drinks. So you can do this with a big glass of green tea, squeeze in some lemon juice, help you aid in digestion, get some magnesium in there, and hopefully you guys will slowly start to counter back all the surplus of calories your body is consuming. And last but not least, one of my favorite strategies to negate those crazy, highcalorie meals is the next morning, I’ll have a really lowcarb breakfast. For instance, I’ll pretty.

Much just have protein and fat, so I’ll have eggs and avocado, or some type of protein and fatdominant breakfast, and I’ll also take a Yohimbe HDL Pill. Yohimbe is a crazy effective fat burner when you have low insulin levels in your body, so by having really low insulin levels present, taking your Yohimbe, your body will go into fatburning mode, so hopefully all those excess calories you have that day before, the night before, are going to be completely erased by this time. If you follow all five of these other rules and you have that Yohimbe HDL with that low.

Insulin spiked breakfast, you guys will be perfect. You guys can enjoy cheat meals you can eat whatever the hell you want, and you won’t have any fat storage associated with it. It might seem like a lot, but it really isn’t anything too complicated. These are six very easy things that you could do and you can enjoy whatever you want to eat. You can have crazy cheat meals, and if you follow these six strategies, I guarantee you you will not have any fat storage. You guys will actually be able to maintain sixpack abs and get chiseled.

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