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SARMs won me a Bodybuilding Competition Tahoe Nevada

Tony Huge with EnhancedAthlete , and in this tutorial i’m gonna give you background on why I ran this experience, what I could’ve done better, my final opinion on SARMs vs steroidsas it relates to getting quot;bodybuildershreddedquot;, competition tips to improve myself next time that you might find useful… spraytans, pumpsets, rice cakes… must be abodybuilding competition! Although I won first place in classic physiqueC and 2nd in light heavyweight, there’s a ton of room for improvement which I’ll discuss more on this tutorial. Some quick background: I’m 34 years old, I’ve beenlifting since I was 14 years old,

I was super quot;antisteroidquot; until i completed myfirst physique competition at age 30Some quick background: I’m 34 years old, I’ve beenlifting since I was 14 years old, I was super quot;antisteroidquot; until i completed myfirst physique competition at age 30 using a steroid cycle. I had reached my geneticpotential when I was 21 years old and made very little progress between age 21 and 30. quot;Diet definitely started 3 days agoquot;. You’re supposed to diet like four months out…quot;He’s gonna win everybody. This guy’s gonna win it all, no dieting.quot; I’m not a of medicine. I was alawyer, I retired to travel the world and seek out cuttingedge secrets of humanperformance, longevity, and quality of life then I started sharing my findingswith my inner circle of

friends and professional athletes that rely on myrecommendations. Over the last four years, I ran every type of steroid cycle. I learned through trial and error so I learned the hard way but the knowledge Igot through experimentation was tremendous. But the knowledge came withthe cost of actual progress, thus I’m more of a scientist than a bodybuilder. I started getting more and more nervous about the potential steroid side effectsand more and more disappointed with losing the gains between cycles. This is whereSARMs came in a potential replacement for steroids where I can stay lean, hard,big and strong allyearround and for

the rest of my life without the rollercoaster of side effects of steroid cycles Prior to Enhanced Athlete sellingsupplements and research chemicals like SARMs, I was doing research on a smallscale for myself and those who would let me experiment on them ,and since I haveunlimited money to spend I would buy every kind of different brand and sourcesto experiment. I ran cycles of every different SARM for this contest prep andhere’s my final opinion: (1) SARMs are seventy percent as effective as steroids in general. (2) I experienced virtually no side effects from SARMs.

(3) SARMs are adequate to compete successfully in physique or classic physique, but are inadequate for competing in bodybuilding. (4) SARMs are great for bridging between steroid cycles and maintaining gains. (5) SARMS are as effective as most steroids to maintain muscle while cutting. (6) SARMs do not cause water retention like steroids, so the benefit of which is I can look dryer and have more definition all year round than if I was on steroids. The drawback is that less water retention means the muscles are not as full on SARMs as they would be on steroids, so it’s a tradeoff.

(7) SARMs do not harden the muscles as much as steroids…They don’t make the veins pop out as much as steroids. (8) The impact of SARMs on strength? Well, despite lack of androgenic impact, lack of intracellularwater retention, and lack of joint lubrication like nandrolonebased steroidswould produce, it appears the strength increases on SARMs are about the maximum anyone should seek… …because even just on SARMs a lot ofpeople are gaining strength so fast that their muscles get stronger than their tendons and ligaments, and they could even get injured because their muscles get strong so fast.

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