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Hi, my name is Jackie Simon and in this tutorial, I’m going to answer the question, What does it cost for the fat burning Skinny Coffee and Tea Well, there are actually a couple of answers to that question. It depends on whether you’re going to pay retail or wholesale. Now, I chose to pay wholesale and the reason for that is this. I knew that I was going to consume two to three servings of the fat burning coffee and tea per day, everyday. And so I knew that the wholesale price will be the best for me because I did want to get.

The cheapest price. So I did have to pay a membership fee and then I was able to get the cheapest price. So here’s kind of how it breaks down, if they’re doing the coffee, the coffee will cost you about 65 to 70 cents per cup wholesale and a roughly around $1.25 per cup if you’re paying retail. The skinny tea will cost you about $2 per glass for wholesale and about $3 if you pay retail. So that kind of gives you an idea of the difference and the cost and.

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