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Hi, my name is Jackie Simon and in this tutorial, I’m going to answer the question, Can I do this fat burning coffee and tea if I dont do caffeine Do they have to caffeinated Well, here’s the thing, the caffeine and the skinny coffee and tea is a buffered caffeine. So it doesn’t give you that spike of that caffeine like all at one time. I’m very caffeine sensitive and I couldn’t drink regular coffee at all, no way. It just made me crazy. And the same thing with just drinking regular tea I will be so jittery. So when I got the.

Fat burning coffee and tea, I took it to my doctor to make sure that it was safe and then I asked him about the caffeine and he says, You know Jacky, because it’s buffered, you may not have a problem. He said, Don’t overdue it, but give it a try. He says you may feel energized, maybe with the first or four five days, he says, but after that, he says, you’ll know,he says, because it should absorb into your body. So I get, I started drinking the skinny coffee and the fat burning tea and believe it or.

Not, I did not have a problem, it was wonderful. I really couldn’t believe it, I was very nervous about that since I’m not used to doing that. But I do limitations, I still can’t drink anything with caffeine in the afternoon and I can’t drink more than one cup of the coffee or one bottle of a tea at any city. All right, because it’s just still too much caffeine for me. But, let me tell you what’s very exciting. So, a new product came out, a new fat burning.

Boresha Fat Burning Coffee What If I Cant Drink Caffeine

Product came out called CodeBreaker and it is an LArginine products so what that means is, that gives you, going to produces nitric oxide, gives you lots of natural energy and it helps build lean muscle. Well then there’s something else out there that causes lipolysis and so what we can actually legally say is, is that it will burn a 118 more fat than if you didn’t use this product. And guess what, it doesn’t have caffeine in it. So that was an ideal product for me whenever I started doing the skinny coffee and tea. I added this.

CodeBreaker in the afternoon since it didn’t have the caffeine and I burnt off another five pounds of fat. Now, you do have to move when you use this, not like the coffee and tea where you can just sit and drink and burn fat just sitting there, this when you consume it, and as long as you’re in motion, meaning you can be cleaning the house, walking the dog, or whatever, you will burn up to 118 more fat. So I was already down 17 pounds from the coffee and tea. When.

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