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Fat Burning Chest Exercise

What’s up, guys? jeff cavaliere, athleanx . So if you’ve got a saggy or a flabby chest that you just can’t wait to get rid of, I’m going to show you a bodyweight exercise combo here today that’s going to help you to start doing that. You see, when you have an abundance of chest fat, or this flabby chest, or just simply a chest that you can’t stand to look at in the mirror, it can be pretty embarrassing. But there’s something that you can do about it. There really are two things that you should.

Do about it. firstly, we know we can’t do a single exercise to start targeting a certain area and burn fat in that area. We should know that by now. But the issue is, you do have a two headed issue. You have an abundance of chest fat, number one, overlying and probably underdeveloped pecs. So you need to figure out a way that you can burn fat and you need to figure out a way that you can actually tone the muscles and build the muscles underneath to have that.

Effective combination of getting a much better looking chest. now, you want to pair it, always I stress here always on this channel nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. If you refuse to get your nutrition in line, you want to keep eating at Arby’s, your chest is going to look like shit from now until the end of time. You’ve got to make sure that you get your nutrition in line. Once that is done, however, you have to make sure that you’re addressing both components. Conditioning and strengthening.

Check out this combo that i’ve got for you. if you do this combo you’re going to get both the conditioning benefit, and you’re going to overload and build your chest. We’re not talking about regular pushups. We’re talking about overloading your current level of ability. We can do that very easily with plyometric versions of them. So what we have here is a combo that starts with, what we call, a taps version of a pushup. So I’m in here this is the more advanced version, by the way I’m in between two.

Benches. i go down into a pushup, plyo, touch, and then i come out, and i immediately plyo jump over, or lateral box jump over the bench all the way to the other side. Come down to the ground, come right to what we call a Hannibal pushup, come out of that, box jump right back over lateral, complete clearance of the bench, right back into the taps pushup. We go right back to the left side now. We do a Hannibal on the left, come back into the center, and so on, and so forth. Is this an easy combo? No!.

But again, we want to make enough overload here for the chest. at the same time, we want to elevate our heartrate. We want to start burning some fat and we want to start burning some calories. Now what I suggest you do on this combo to make it extremely challenging, you might only be able to get back and forth, maybe, three round trips, or two round trips. Dont worry. For you guys that can’t do this I have a beginner version in a section, but you do as many as you can. You take about a 20 to 30 second rest, and you do it again.

You treat it like interval training, but it’s not regular static running interval training. What you’re getting is this involvement of chest overload. For the beginner version what we want to do is take it down to the knees. So you come down to the knees, you do your taps version, and instead of doing a complete jump over the bench, you’re going to turn and just do a box jump to the top of the bench, jump back off, come back down to the ground, and once on the other side here.

You can do three little, mini pulses. try to get just a little bit of clearance of the pushup. It’s less explosive, but it’s still probably an overload for those that are just starting out. You do your three little pulses, hop back up, box jump up to the top, go to the middle, repeat the taps, and of course, keep it going back to the left, back to the center. Again, the same rules apply here. Do as many circuits of these. Break them into the time.

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