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Hey its ben here and in this tutorial I’m going to give you a quick review of a new Paleo Cookbook called Fat Burning Chef by Abel James. and specifically talk about what’s in it, what you can expect from it, and if its even worth your time. Now i picked this up myself and have gone through and tried some of the recipes, but before diving into it, lets talk about why you’ve probably heard about it in the first place. which is due to it’s author and increasing online fitness celebrity Abel James.

If you’re searching for health and fitness related information, especially burning off body fat with new methods you’ve probably come across or head of this guy. He’s known as an experimentation guy who is dedicated to testing things on himself, reporting the results, and helping others optimize their health. He runs an award winning show now called fat burning man show, and a lot of interest has built up around him and this show because it seems to go against mainstream conventional wisdom like going against so called healthy low fat diets, low cholesterol diets, and running programs. and does some.

Other things including experimenting and using the paleo diet system which is what this book revolves around, to become healthy. Now, has said on many occasions he isn’t a guru and doesn’t want people to think of him like that. And as far as the success of what he says and does, if you see his before and after pictures and tutorials, well whatever he’s doing is obviously getting him some serious results. So its good to know that he’s just not another internet guy hiding under shirts who’s not really cut or slim at all. but it seems from reading his stuff.

Paleo Cookbook Fat Burning Chef Review Honest Review

And watching his tutorials that he does practice what he preaches and you can’t argue with real proof in front of you. As far as the paleo cookbook fat burning chef, this isn’t just an a book filled with random recipes, but instead there is an intro, then the recipes are broken down into 10 categories. So you can scroll through the book or just click a link to take you to the recipe you want. The 10 categories include appetizers, soups, breakfast, sides and snacks, poultry entrees, seafood entrees, pork entrees, beef entries, decadent desserts, and a stocking the kitchen.

Bonus section. The book looks very professional and high end. You’ll get a real picture of what the finished recipe should look like. Then you’ll get and cooking instructions on the left hand side of the page. Not only that but abel is going to link to all the recommended products and cooking tools. We’ve all probably watched cooking shows our bought books where you see some strange ingredients or a different type of tool needed to prepare the dish and its a hassle to figure out where to get these ingredients. and if you’re like me, you just skip that recipe.

Even though the tool you need or even the ingredients are easy to find. Now, as far as the recipes this is where ti gets good. Abel went out and found the best paleo diet chefs out there and asked for their recommendations of what their readers or followers are eating or like the site. Its one thing to create a bunch of recipes yourself and have no idea if people will like them like most books, but abel went out and got proven recipes from experts like. Stacy Matt from Paleo Parents George Bryant from Civilized Caveman Cooking.

Melissa Joulwan from Well Fed The Clothes Make The Girl Juli Bauer from PaleOMG Neely Quinn from Paleo Plan Liz Wolfe from Cave Girl Eats Joshua Weissman from Slim Palate Todd Dosenberry from Primal Toad Alyson Bridge from Gluten Free Eats and tons more. now these recipes are not just all free on the sites, but include some popular free ones as well as some that were hidden and only available as paid. The the pros are that its very well done and looks amazing, has proven recipes that will.

Get results, has recipes from experts that know how to cook, and a good variety and a lot o them as well. and isn’t another book where all the recipes are free on the internet tether. The only negative thing id have to say is that if you don’t know what the paleo diet is or don’t know how to get started, well this book may not be for you. Its really just a recipe book, it doesn’t go into a whole fitness regiment on how to get in shape, what.

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