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Fat Burn Workouts - 5 Fat Burning Exercises For The Stomach That Works

Fat Burning Cardio Workout 37 Min Fitnessblender

Hey guys it’s Kelli from Fitnessblender and today I have a HIIT workout for you for people who get bored easily sowe’re going to be doing a different exercise for every single interval sothis should fly right by things could get interesting here I’ve included your warmup let’s go aheadand get started alright so for our cardio warm up we’regoing to be doing 25 seconds of each of these exercises we’re starting off niceand light just jogging in place so get your feet moving

so I’m not exactly sure how this isgonna go i haven’t practiced this routine but we’re going to be doing likeI said a different exercise for every single HIIT interval so, it could be fun, if you could ever call hit fun we’ll seehow this goes so next up we’re going to be doing ahigh knee march, so pulling up each knee one at a time get your arms in there too and pull up as you up as high as you can you won’t need any equipment for this, so you can technically do this anywhere all right five seconds I’m going toswitch to a Buttkicker row

so right here nice and slow stillpulling your arms back and bring that foot up to kick yourself in the butt so we’re warming up our arms our upperback and the front of the thighs five seconds I’m going to switch to twofront kicks so alternating out in front here one then the other bring your arms intoit if you like it’s definitely a total body routine, hitting all of the muscle groups at some way or another here except for doing an

overhead stretch plus a toe touch so; windmill your arms up, stretch, andthen come down. Keep your back flat so you get a good stretch through yourlower back and the back your thighs come back up up next we’re gonna be doing a walk down so walking your hands up one at a timeuntil you’re full plank. Walk yourself back up. So this is good for warming upyour arms and again you’re legs and the backs of your thighs

okay next up we have reverse lunges. Coming up niceand tall, back behind yourself drop down right between those two feet squeeze your glutes pull your cord next up, side lunges. so coming here you can go down to onefoot in the center so keep that leg that you’re leaning away from straight this is gonna be tough, it’s hot in heretoday not a good sign when you’re sweating pretty good during the warm up!

we’re going to pick up the pace a littlebit here the next we’re going to do butt kickers fast this time so nice and light on your feet. Move asquickly as you can especially once you get warmed up, start pressing for speed. five seconds switch to squats, which we’re going to be doing a lot of today so you want your feet aboutshoulderwidth apart and you’re sinking down, sticking your butt out behindyou so that the majority of your weight

30 Min Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing Workout HASfit Fat Burning Workouts Fat Burning Exercises

Hola a todos soy coach kozak de hasfit Esta es mi rutina de mmacardio para volar la grasa Es genial porque quemaras muchas calorias Y liberaras el stress al mismo tiempo Esta rutina es excelentepara damas y caballeros De nivel intermedio y avanzado No te preocupes si no tienes experienciakickboxin para esta rutina Diseñe un sistema numerico sencillo si nuncahas hecho una rutina conmigo

Puedes dar un click aquiy te enseñare como O tambien aqui en la descripcion del tutorial No se necesitan accesorios Pero si gustas puedes usar mancuernas O si realmente quieres retarte a ti mismo Y quemar calorias extras Ponte un mass suit Usare mi mass suit hoy

Esta cosa me permite quemar,el doble de calorias Al mismo tiempo Si te interesa tener uno buscalo en,mass suit.Com Correcto, listo para que esto comience Espero tu tambien Hagamos algo Bien disfrutemos esto,manos cerca de la barbilla Sin olvidar respirar

3,2. 10 rodillazos Mantente en movimiento ysobre las llemas de los pies Seguimos conreverse lunge+front kick Zancada atras + patada al frente Zancada atras con las rodillas en 90º Y pateando al frentecon las llemas de los pies Cambiamos

Cambiare de posicion Bum Bajamos y tratamos de quela rodilla no toque el suelo No olvides respirar 15 segundos por lado Vamos por seguir boxeando 1,2,Rodilla Vamos a hacer 2 hooks+dodgey subimos+2 hooks

Gancho gancho, esquiva Gancho gancho Haremos un squat para el dodge Sosteniendo la espalda con el trasero 1,2. Abajo Y regresamos al boxeo. 1,2.Front kick Bien termina el primer round

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