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Fat Burn Workouts - 5 Fat Burning Exercises For The Stomach That Works

Fat Burning Cardio Length

Hey guys it’s Kelli from Fitnessblender and today I have a HIIT workout for you for people who get bored easily sowe’re going to be doing a different exercise for every single interval sothis should fly right by things could get interesting here I’ve included your warmup let’s go aheadand get started alright so for our cardio warm up we’regoing to be doing 25 seconds of each of these exercises we’re starting off niceand light just jogging in place so get your feet moving

so I’m not exactly sure how this isgonna go i haven’t practiced this routine but we’re going to be doing likeI said a different exercise for every single HIIT interval so, it could be fun, if you could ever call hit fun we’ll seehow this goes so next up we’re going to be doing ahigh knee march, so pulling up each knee one at a time get your arms in there too and pull up as you up as high as you can you won’t need any equipment for this, so you can technically do this anywhere all right five seconds I’m going toswitch to a Buttkicker row

so right here nice and slow stillpulling your arms back and bring that foot up to kick yourself in the butt so we’re warming up our arms our upperback and the front of the thighs five seconds I’m going to switch to twofront kicks so alternating out in front here one then the other bring your arms intoit if you like it’s definitely a total body routine, hitting all of the muscle groups at some way or another here except for doing an

overhead stretch plus a toe touch so; windmill your arms up, stretch, andthen come down. Keep your back flat so you get a good stretch through yourlower back and the back your thighs come back up up next we’re gonna be doing a walk down so walking your hands up one at a timeuntil you’re full plank. Walk yourself back up. So this is good for warming upyour arms and again you’re legs and the backs of your thighs

okay next up we have reverse lunges. Coming up niceand tall, back behind yourself drop down right between those two feet squeeze your glutes pull your cord next up, side lunges. so coming here you can go down to onefoot in the center so keep that leg that you’re leaning away from straight this is gonna be tough, it’s hot in heretoday not a good sign when you’re sweating pretty good during the warm up!

we’re going to pick up the pace a littlebit here the next we’re going to do butt kickers fast this time so nice and light on your feet. Move asquickly as you can especially once you get warmed up, start pressing for speed. five seconds switch to squats, which we’re going to be doing a lot of today so you want your feet aboutshoulderwidth apart and you’re sinking down, sticking your butt out behindyou so that the majority of your weight

KETTLEBELL WORKOUT FAT BURNER 12 Minute Fat Loss Workout With Kettlebell Exercises

what’s up guys it’s max owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp. In this tutorial were going to be doing a 12 minute kettlebell hiit workout get ready for this work out all you need is one kettleball, and if you don’t have a kettlebell, go ahead and use a dumbbell. Alright guys make sure you get in a quickwarmup before you get into this workout we’re about to get into it rightnow first moves starts in 10 seconds grab yourkettlebell give me five swings 10 mountain climbers were going in fiveseconds get ready for 15 exhaled come up that’s three for onemore hit the deck

climbers kettlebell down ten climberscan come out and about 10 back up the key to these fat burning workouts isintensity and trying to get as much done in a short period of time so we gottacrank through that’s five put it down climbers back up ok we’re almost there 15 secondsremember we’re going through this whole workout together and I’m burning right herewith you guys you can go ahead if you want withkettlebell swings right down ten climbers five seconds just thoughtclimbers year to finish out 321 time

next move away from get a 10 secondtransition period this is awesome abs and butt exercise at the same time.we’re going to work on one leg at a time driving me in we’re staying on this oneleg for the first half for 25 seconds per leg drive it up here and then bootywork right here last one who has too much ground in the other side drive itin drive it up go to join me in tight job at UPS and the chief as you come up coming up good guys or all into thesecond mood five seconds

4321 time are we going back into somestrength work work and total body move kettlebell clean impressed all rightside for this little circle right here clean it up right back down now after wedo this move we’re gonna be working a little total body cardio for right now Iwant you slow it down some solid quality get your butt down power we start fromthe leg drive it up dipping drive through the hip punch itup straight up but we’re looking for some nice alignment bicep should beright next to the year bring it down you don’t need a lot of reps here guysbecause we work in some stress and this

also happens to be some undercover sexyside apps rain here other than the obvious work in those arms and shouldersthats time alright but the Cal about that will come back later with you alittle side scarce great cardio it’s more legwork we’re going side to side 321 go will cite skater trying to keep your back foot off theground that’s too much you can take it down a little later like this otherwise if you want to reach acrossfolded for a half second that’s a new

really guns now and we’re reachingacross driving up and some great cardio glide skaters gotta love of all alsolifting the booty everywhere now people over almost fall over as part of the funguys gotta have fun with you to work out so make sure you don’t not himself down too much ifyou have a little wipeout moment no big deal you’re probably doing this in thecomfort of your own home anyway so they were gonna see it time all right go back to the kettlebellwe do unless I’d clean and press five

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