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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Today I’m going to show you something thatmight surprise you. As a matter of fact, it should surprise you. And I don’t whether to laugh, cry, or putmy fist through the camera because of it. But let me set the stage for you. Do you guys all remember Jesse, my internfrom this past summer? If you don’t, this is Jesse. So, Jesse helped me film the Top 10 WorkoutSongs of all time. Matter of fact, he did

more than just help me film them, he sangthem. If you haven’t seen that tutorial, it’s definitelyworth a look. It’s right up here. That being said, the day that we were shooting that, we actually had some time in between takes.And the topic of supplementation and the supplement industry as a whole came up. Now, I told him about how I felt about thesupplement industry and that there are some major problems. And he had actually read the blog series thatI did, and I’ll link that down in the description

if you haven’t yourself. But he told me something that I just didn’tbelieve. He said that he had walked into a popular supplement store a week prior to usshooting and had been sold fat burners. Without even asking, he had been sold fatburners. Now, let me show you Jesse one more time. This is Jesse. [Cartoon chuckling.] So, I said, ‘There is no way that they’regoing to sell you fat burners even if you went in there and you asked for fat burnersbecause that just would be beyond irresponsible.’

So, we made a bet. I said, ‘I’ll send youin there undercover to go see what you can do about getting supplements.’ and whetheror not they would sell them to him. What happened next is actually pretty damnshocking. [Actual film footage] Ok. So right there I have 3 major problems.Number 1. He whistled and snapped his way right back to the fat burners, apparentlyhere, without even a hesitation, without even aquestion of asking Jesse if he actually meant what he said.

Secondly, Jesse said he’s not even reallyinto working out. But meanwhile, there’s no hesitation again on whether or not this kidactually needed fat burners. And thirdly, my big problem here is, it’sstarting to look like I’m going to lose this damn bet. [More footage] So, uh, ok. He went there. He’s getting onthe fat burners. And not just that, he’s getting him one of the better fat burners because we all know Jesse really needs a betterfat burner, right. Take one more look at Jesse

in case you forgot what he looks like. Jesse: ‘Never gonna’ give you up, never gonna’let you down. Never gonna’ run around and desert you.’ Jeff: [Crickets chirping] [Back to the film] Yeah. By all means, why not the intense one?We know that 5′ 11, 140 pound Jesse definitely needs that intense fat burning effect. And also, I’m not trying to pick on this guy,but I’m a little bit suspicious of that pronunciation

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