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Fat Burner Mode On Elliptical

Fastest Way to Lose Weight This 40min HIIT Elliptical Workout Burns 800 calories

This Elliptical HIIT fastest ways to lose weight bettors wagered can lose weight Tom a pop out the temp has your first week disregard for you like you ready at Bass seconds you go all out the 22nd especially keen to ready goal especially came pic bastard out to let the dog is taking britannica serial killers after what is best you can donate that docket you the death circulated look in the lower right hand corner that did little she could do not work out.

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10 minute Elliptical weight loss workout

Right now for this tenminute workout, you’re going to need an elliptical machine. If you don’t have one, then you’ll have to do one of my many other tenminute fat burning workouts to make you look good naked. Before we start this workout, go ahead and get your elliptical set up, so you’ll be all ready to go. But also, make sure that you’ve warmed up for at least five to ten minutes. If you’re already warmed up, then let’s go ahead and get started. Okay, wait for the countdown clock in the corner to appear. All right, in.

Ten seconds, you’re going to go as fast as you can. All right, get ready. Almost there, get ready. Get ready to start. Three, two, one, go. All right, go, come on, as fast as you can. Come on, get your legs up. Come on. Go as fast as you can. Only got three more seconds, then we’re going to stop. Come on. Keep going as fast as you can. Give it all you’ve got. Stop. All right, go ahead and rest. All right, in five more seconds, we’re going to speed right back up. Come on now, three, two, one, go. Come on, speed it up, speed it up. Come on, now. If you don’t work hard,.

You can’t burn that fat. Come on, go fast. Come on, speed it up, speed it up, almost finished, and stop. All right, quick ten second rest. That’s all we’re going to do during this whole workout, ten seconds of hard work and ten seconds of rest. All right, get ready to go again. Ready and go. That’s right, pick it up. Pick it up. Come on, now. Come on, almost. Come on, three more seconds, almost finished. All right and stop. All right, real slow, go ahead and rest. Now, if you want to, you can stand still, if you want to. But, you might have an elliptical where you have to keep going.

To keep it on. All right, go. That’s right, keep going. Come on, speed it up. Come on. Give it all you’ve got. Don’t give up on me. Two more seconds and stop. All right, quick tensecond break. Okay, we’ve got about, like, eight more minutes of doing this. Come on, now, it’s not that hard. Ready and go. There’s one thing I want you to remember, don’t give up. I don’t care what you do, if you feel like quitting, just stand there. Don’t quit and stop. All right, relax.

That’s the main thing here. I don’t want you to give up. I want you to at least stand on there the whole time if you have to. Go. Come on, pick it up. Pick it up. Go fast, fast as you can. Come on, five more seconds. Come on, three more seconds. Come on. Give it all you’ve got. Don’t stop, and stop. All right, relax. Come on. Do not talk yourself into quitting. Keep going, ready, go. Come on, give it all you got. Give it all you got. Do it for yourself. Come on, come on. Come on. Come on, speed it up. Come on, almost.

Almost and stop. Break time. All right, you’ve got seven more seconds. Come on, catch your breath. Ready, come on, intensity, intensity, go. Come on. Come on, speed, speed, speed, come on. You guys go as fast as you can. Come on, come on and stop. There you go. Keep an eye on that clock, now. We’re going to go ahead in five more seconds. Ready and go. Come on, try to beat me. Go as fast as me, come on. Faster than me, faster than me, come on, go. Come on, can you beat me? Can you beat me? Stop. All right, relax. All right, I mean, I know it’s hard. This is tough for me, too, now. But,.

Hey, it works. It works. Go. Just think about that. Think about that nice looking body you’re going to have after doing all this hard work. Come on, three more seconds, and stop. That’s right, relax. Relax. Remember, if it’s too easy for you just change your settings on your machine. Make it harder, go. That’s right, pick it up. Pick it up. Come on, don’t quit. Don’t quit. Come on, three more seconds. Don’t quit, and stop. If this is too hard for you, change your settings on the machine. But, whatever you do, I don’t want you.

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