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I am Dr. Scott Blyer from CAMEO medical center and I have received many questions about different nonsurgical body contouring devices CoolSculpting Zerona Smart Lipo Venus Freeze the list goes one of my subscribers asked me to share the differences between some of the more popular machines so here we go the first type of machine I’d like to talk about are the radio frequency machines radiofrequency refers to the rate of oscillation these devices work by generating heat. just like the effect we see by cooking a piece of steak in a frying.

Pan we see it shrink in size. this is because of the the collagen retraction. In a live person we see this thermal energy causing skin tightening and collagen contraction also followed by new collagen formation by the stimulation of fibroblasts. heat can destroy fat as I demonstrate here with my electrocautery device on fat that was removed after a tummy tuck. To generate this type of heat externally without damaging the skin does not seem reasonable to me. I do not believe these devices are effective at all for fat reduction.

Although they may claim to be FDA approved take a closer look at that at the FDA approval most of the time they are approved for heating deep tissue not necessarily fat reduction. I personally do not believe this is a very good modality for fat reduction but it is but is effective for skin tightening. Noninvasive lasers are also called low level laser therapy the definition of this technology means t here is no heat generated by the laser additionally there are no visible immediate changes noted to the tissue. Zerona for example.

Laser lipo reviews a summary of all surgical and non surgical options

Works at 635 nanometers and the science behind is actually quite solid. it is FDAapproved for the reduction of body circumference and it does not harm the fat cell. the fat cell after being exposed to the laser has been shown to create a temporary window in the fat cell and this allows the content on the fat cells to escape shrinking the cell in size. where does the fat go it moves between the cells in the lymphatic system and that is a finally eliminated from your body as waste.

Patients are encouraged to drink ample water and take the recommended vitamins to maximize this elimination. with this technology there is no heat there is no pain there is no down time there is no inflammation there is no destruction or injuring of the fat cells when the patient is properly screen to see if they are a good candidate the results are generally satisfactory. Cryolipolysis or Coolsculpting uses the technology of controlled cooling to permanently destroy the fat cells. Zeltiq is the company that makes CoolSculpting and they along with Zerona are FDAapproved.

For longterm subcutaneous that reduction. generally people require one treatment per area and a suction cup is applied to the skin the skin is protected to avoid getting a frostbite to the skin and the fat cells are frozen to crystallization this programs the the fat cell to autodestruct Results are seen between 1 and 3 months Unlike many of the other non surgical body contouring devices this machine has very strong science behind it. it was developed by Harvard scientists there are over 50 peerreviewed journal showing efficacy Out of all of the non surgical body contouring devices.

On the market I do believe this one is far superior to all the others We get excellent results at my office in new york. Ultrasound is another modality that by using mechanical motion within fat tissues it will produce cellular disruption of the tissue. thermal tissue damage focuses its effect on the fat cell, like a magnifying glass concentrating light from the Sun this is also call HIFU or a highfrequency ultrasound the person’s body then digests the fat cells over the next two to four weeks. the final result the scene about four to six.

Months this machine is newer to the market and as far as supporting research goes, it does not appear to be more effective than the others but there is apparently a little bit more discomfort than the other modalities previously discussed. the concept for all liposuction is the same fill the area up with tumescent fluid or numbing fluid remove the fluid with the fat cell this term is also call SAL or suction assisted liposuction where a cannula is placed underneath the skin and manually stroked back and forth removing the fat cells.

PAL or power assisted liposuction where the machine actually mechanically moves for the doctor to ease basically labor for the doctor it can also actually produce smoother results and has been studies showing is less pain actually by using power assisted liposuction. UAL or ultrasound assisted liposuction also known as Vaser is when a wand is placed beneath the skin through the fat tissue to emulsify the fat than that same cannula that we used before is actually put into the skin and the fat is sucked out were assisted liposuction uses highpowered water.

Injection to break up with that the cannula is then again place then that is again then removed out and then there is laser assist the lipo which is all the hype right now the most popular name is smart lipo the reason this is a household name is 1. they were first to market just like a photocopy is called Xerox a photo used to be called polaroid acetaminophen is referred to as Tylenol at issue is called kleenex everyone remembers the first to market just like that first guy when the moon.

No one knows the second guy second reason this company marketed to the public as opposed to market the doctors were most medical devices market to a doctor the patients are now actually asking for the procedure because they are seeing magazine articles they’re seeing news broadcast laser lipo is surgery it is a surgery just like regular liposuction a laser probe was placed under the skin heats up the tissue heating up water and heating up the fat there are claims that their skin tightening although there is never have been has histological or microscopic evidence.

Up this the tightness is a result on the under surface of the skin is being burned and the skin becomes tighter. after the laser is placed, the same cannulas are placed just like traditional liposuction and the fat is simply sucked out. other laser liposuctions that are on the market are cool lipo, prolipo, lipo lite, lipotherme, slim lipo, smooth lipo MPX, and SmartLipo triplex we just went over a lot of material and I hope this helps you in summary in the right type of person nonsurgical result can be very impressive.

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