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For today, I wanted to share a first impression and demo of the sigma spa express brush cleaning glove. To be honest, I thought that this whole brush cleaning glove thing was very gimmicky. Especially when they first came out with it. But after having a ton of brushes, your hands get cracked and dry. I wanted to get the mat, but sigma was kind enough to send me the newest product of theirs. This is travel friendly, so I thought I’d try it out since I am traveling next month. So, basically, it has two sides. You have a face and eye section. I’m using.

The eye section right now, with a regular brush that I used powders with. I’ve had these brushes for about, maybe two or three days. I haven’t cleaned them, I wanted to keep the makeup products, foundation, powders and everything there so that way it would stick and you’d truly see what this brush cleaning glove can do and what I can truly see because this is my first time using it. So, I also wanted to see if the smaller textured side would work for face brushes and vice versa. So, you can see this brush, it was.

Brown at the tips. I used it for bronzer, and I’m using the eye side and it pretty much got all of the staining out and got all of the product out. It was super clean. So we all know how hard it is to get cream foundation out of a foundation brush. Especially after its left for a few days. So that’s what I did. I loaded up my brush, left it on my vanity for 23 days and as you can see, it’s coming out quiet easy. Usually, I have.

Sigma Spa Express Brush Glove Gimmicky ReviewDemo

To go back in 23 times to make sure I got all of the product out, but i’m very impressed by it! And for demonstration purposes, I clean my brushes like this. I don’t normally do it this way. I usually have running water to rinse and all of that stuff. But I wanted to make sure that I showed you guys up close what it looked like because its kind of hard to show it if I’m in my bathroom. I hope you enjoyed the demo and my first impression.

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