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Welcome to the VitaLife show. I’m doctor Janine Bowring and today we’re going to be talking about the best vitamins for weight loss so we’ll go through some weight loss tips and what are the best thing that you can take if you’re trying to lose weight I hope they you’ll subscribe to this channel were always uploading new tutorials all about getting healthy from the inside out using natural remedies so watch right to the end of the tutorial and make sure you click Subscribe so that you’re always getting our newest and latest tutorials right into your inbox.

So in terms of weight loss lot of people don’t realize the reasons why they may not be losing weight effectively and there are a lot of metabolic reasons and hormonal reasons why this could be such a difficulty for so many people so over the years practicing as a naturopathic doctor I’ve been able to pinpoint the specific reasons why people can’t lose weight effectively and actually come up with the greatest formulations to help to address that on the deeper cellular level so first and foremost let’s talk about detoxification.

So our greatest formula here at Vitatree is called the VitaDetox it’s a full body detox to help to get at those accumulated toxins in the internal organs and what makes VitaDetox so special and while absolutely love it is that it not only focuses on just the digestive tract but also all the internal organs so the liver the kidneys the digestive tract and yet it’s very gentle so you don’t have to worry about running to the washroom or anything like that you know which is so true of other cleanses out there the skin the.

Weight Loss Best Vitamins Tips for Weight Loss VitaLife Show 138

Lymphatic system the blood helps to chelate our or trap heavy metals that are in the body as well another reason why maybe having difficulty losing that stubborn unwanted fat and what happens unfortunately as if you have accumulated toxins a lot of toxins are actually fats soluble they stay right in the fat cells just beneath the skin surface so again if you’re holding on to that excess weight externally your body is doing so because your body is trying to dilute those toxins so it holds on to excess fat and water weight as well so you know.

You may be that person that has that extra water retention and then mix in the hormones with that it throws everything out of whack and you start to you know get down on yourself because even though you doing everything right with your diet and exercise your are not able to lose that weight well it could be because of that toxicity and that’s why by VitaDetox it will be your absolute best friend so be sure to check it out at vitatree now next on the list we actually created a fat burner so ths is the whole food.

Supplement a fatburning that’s completely safe won’t cause the jitters and is effective at helping to lose that unwanted fat especially belly fat so the fat around the midsection in both men and women and the reason that the VitaTree Fat Burner so effective is that it helps to address different reasons for holding on to that excess weight one of them is your cortisol levels so your stress levels have a lot to do with your ability to lose weight and also if your body is holding on to that excess weight so it’s your stress.

Hormones that unfortunately with prolong stressed offset your ability to burn fat and the VitaTree Fat Burner helps to address that even at rest so even if you’re not exercising which of course I don’t recommend I want everybody to be exercising and ideally you take the VitaTree Fat Burner about half an hour before you go and exercise but what it does is it helps to bring up and speed up your thermogenesis which is your fat burning ability revving up your engine internally to increase the ability to burn that fat which is absolutely.

So remarkable and you absolutely love it so it also contains green tea a little bit of caffeine about the equivalent to a cup of tea so you don’t have to worry about you know any negative effects in that way but the VitaTree Fat Burner now teaming that up with the VitaDetox we actually have a package called the Fat Blaster Combination so check that out at vitatree that’s the best combination for burning that unwanted fat next on the list is magnesium. Magnesium helps us to actually metabolize our food our carbohydrates our.

Fats and our proteins and a lot of people that have a magnesium deficiency unfortunately have a difficult time losing weight the same is true now for calcium. Now calcium is also naturally helps with our fat burning abilities and studies have shown that women especially that are deficient in calcium have difficulty losing weight so taking magnesium and calcium is very important however most people get it wrong most people take will take magnesium and calcium together at the same time you don’t want to do that because they actually compete for absorption so here.

At VitaTree we have separated our whole food calcium which is the best absorb form of calcium from coral calcium that is taken at night and your magnesium is a separate formulation is taken in the morning to really help with that fat burning potential naturally and again you may not know why you can’t lose that weight well it could be that mineral deficiencies that’s why you take your VitaTree Magnesium in the morning and your whole food calcium at night so easy to do now another supplement that I absolutely love which.

I call one of the daily essentials something that everybody should be on is the probiotics from VitaTree. Now VitaTree Probiotics very different from other probiotics on the market in the fact that it’s designed for the human digestive tract so contains human microflora which is so important but more importantly is a live stream of the right bacteria the friendly flora the Bifidobacterium bifidum and the Lactobacillus acidophilus the right strains at a very high potency that goes into the digestive tract both large and small intestine to help with your break down of.

Food so it helps with the absorption of food without enough good guys the probiotics you can effectively turn your food into energy and that’s why again so many people that are deficient in probiotics become overweight just for that reason alone so be sure to check out our VitaTree Probiotics and what makes it so different and why you need to be taking it every day. Now fibre is another problem for a lot of people if you’re not getting enough fibre in the diet then it unfortunately it slows down your digestive process.

And your not trapping and getting all that fecal matter out on a daily basis and this is true for a lot of people they could be holding fifteen to twenty pounds excess fecal matter unfortunately in the digestive track so what the VitaMucil does is it helps to work like a little sponges to clean off the inside walls of the colon traps any bad fats that may be in the diet as well moves it out through the digestive track so you know it absolutely incredible what it can do in terms of weight loss.

But a little trick if you take it about a half an hour before your meal time what it does is it expands in the stomach to four times its weight and volume when mixed with water so take the VitaMucil with a big glass of water helps to make you feel full and what’s so great about this is that if you feel full just before a meal and tend to eat less as time goes on so this is especially great for people that tend to overeat and they can’t really stop themselves.

The VitaMucil would be your best friend in this regard as well and last but not least the VitaFruits and VitaVeggies our most famous supplement helping to give you a whole food nutrients from nature’s best superfoods in a easy to take convenient little capsule these are vegetarian capsules helps with giving you those antioxidant this is a whole food multivitamin I wouldn’t be without it I take it absolutely every day and have for years Probably my absolute favourite supplement here at VitaTree and help to give you that energy and often you know you’re not getting the.

Nutrients that you think you may be getting from your diet whether you eat well or you know not so well like most you know people here in North America so really important to get this antioxidant from the superfruit they’re all in there I made it so simple for you just two capsules of each per day the VitaFruits and VitaVeggies and be sure to check it out again at vitatree so don’t forget to subscribe to this channel just click on the button to subscribe you always get our newest and latest tutorials about how to get healthy from the.

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