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He got shot now wanna hear with other fat burning tutorial lesson for you and in today’s fat loss tips lesson i’m gonna be talking about calories i’m gonna explain to you what calories are how to count calories how they relate to fat loss and more specifically i’m gonna teach you how to figure out exactly how many calories you need to consume each day in order to burn body fat optimally calories basically just a measurement and it’s a way for us to determine how much energy there is in both the foods that we eat and it issues on our.

Body for example a chicken breast has about 240 calories in it about a stored body fat has about 3500 calories in it there are a lot of smaller details like going to plenty of a complete fat loss diet but what it really all comes down to it calories on the bottom line and they’re basically the foundation for which the rest in your diet should be built upon the basic concept when it comes to calories and fat loss is that in order to burn body fat you need to consume fewer calories than you.

Burn each day see your body requires a certain number of calories in order to fuel all its daily activities this includes natural processes like breeding digestion circulation plus all the additional activities that you perform throughout the day sold by consuming fewer calories than you burn each day what you’re basically doing is you’re forcing the body to tap into it excess fat stores in order to obtain a source of energy now this is what we call calorie deficit as you keep your body in a calorie deficit over time.

It’s gonna continue bringing up all those excess fat stores for energy usually at a rate of about one or two pounds per week now how do we go about finding the proper calorie deficit this is actually a very important and you should never just are haphazardly cutting calories out of your diet there are actually two major reasons white too large a calorie deficit will actually work against you rather than for you first of all too large a calorie deficit actually causes your body to waste away a lot of lean muscle tissue.

Now muscle is metabolically active tissue and actually burns calories all on its own without you having to do anything at all sold for more muscle mass that you lose the slow your metabolism ultimately becomes secondly too large a calorie deficit can actually trigger your body starvation mechanism because your calorie intake is so low from your diet your body actually goes into a sort of survival mode and does everything that it can to hold onto stored body fat rather than burned for energy the key here is to use a calorie deficit that is large enough in order to.

Stimulate body fat to be burned as energy but small enough that your lean muscle mass stays intact and that your body stays out of survival mode now the most widely accepted a calorie deficit and the one that i typically recommend is for people to consume about 15 to 20 percent fewer calories than their maintenance level your maintenance level is the number of calories that you need to consume each day in order to maintain your current weight now your maintenance level takes into account your basal metabolic rate which is the number of calories that your body burns.

Through natural processes like breathing digestion circulation plus all the traditional activities that you perform throughout the day for example somebody who works construction obviously burns more calories throughout the day and somebody who works the desk job sold the basic formula is simple and that’s that we need to figure out your calorie maintenance level and then reduce it by 15 to 20 percent it’s actually very straightforward and we’re going to use something that’s called the harris benedict formula in order to find your personal calorie intake for fat loss.

First you’re going to find out what your basal metabolic rate is here then get back during your activity level now that can give you your calorie maintenance level from there all you do is you take your calorie maintenance level you reduce it by 15 to 20 percent and that’s gonna give you a range of calories you should be consuming each day in order to strip of body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass i’m gonna show that formula on the screen here in just a second so all you need to do is pause the tutorial and shot the formula down for your own.

Use so it’s as simple as that using this calorie intake you’re probably gonna end up losing about one to two pounds of body fat per week now that might not sound like a lot but it’s actually the quickest way to get into impressive shape fast because it’s going to allow you to gradually lose body fat of keeping your lean muscle mass intact and keeping your body out a survival mode and that should always be the bottom line goal and any effective fat loss diet thanks for watching this tutorial lesson and i’ll talk to you guys again with.

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