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Fast Fat Burn Cardio Workout

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. If you’re looking for a fatburning workout,the length of the workout is simply not a requirement to make it a good workout. As a matter of fact, as I’m going to showyou here today the most important thing is that you’re getting your body working hardfrom the first second until the last. And in this case, we’ll have you working hardfor 10 minutes only. So, the cool thing about a 10minute workout is you can see the finishline before you even start. That makes it all that much more motivatingfor you to actually get down on the floor

and do this. The second thing that makes this even betteris that you can do this right here in a little bit of open space with no equipment at all. Ignore all the stuff against the wall, guys.All you’re going to be able to concentrate on is that floor because you’re going to bestaring face down on it quite a few times. We have here on tap escalating difficultylevels of Burpees. That’s all you’ve got to do. Twelve (12) reps within 1 minute. If you can complete all 12 reps of the increasinglycomplex version of the Burpee, then congratulations,

you’ve made it to the next round. If you can make it all the way through 10rounds then you’ve done your job and you’ve had a helluvan accomplishment because thisis no easy task. Guys, as I say all the time, you can eitherwork out hard or you can work out long. We’re going to choose to work out hard here, butwe are going to help you burn fat in the process. I guarantee it. So, with that being said,I’m going to take you through my version of this. You’ll be able to watch every versionof the Burpee. I’ll name it down below as terribly as I alwaysdo, but the key thing is you watch how I do

it. And see if you can do 12 of those each minuteon the minute escalating up to a 10 minute total if possible. Let’s give it a shot. SQUAT THRUSTS SQUAT THRUST JAX BURPEES SQUAT THRUST SQUAT BURPEES CLASSIC CHEST TO GROUND BURPEES SINGLE LEG MOUNTAIN CLIMBER BURPEES

SIDE KICKTHROUGH BURPEES CHOP AND HOP SINGLE LEG BURPEES ANGRY MULE BURPEES TRIPLE SKYFALLS 1 ARM GET UP BURPEES So there you have it guys. One 10 Minute Workoutthat you can do anywhere. There’s no excuses. This is bodyweight only and you can do thisworkout any time you’re looking for that quick kick in the ass.

Now, we have a daily kick in the ass for youif you’re looking for a completely bodyweight program only. The ATHLEAN XERO Program. We say it all thetime. No Bands. No Bars. No Bench. No Bull. Literally nothing, nothing, not even a PullUp Bar to work your entire body and build muscle while doing it. And most of those bodyweight workouts, guys,they’re nothing more than glorified aerobics workouts. They’re going to get you to lose some weight,but you’re certainly not going to build any


hi it’s tracy and welcome back to mychannel now today’s workout is really reallyspecial because I teamed up with my friends at fit bottomed girls to createthis amazing amazing work out for you so it’s seven moves it’s seven minutes and you’re going toabsolutely fall in love with your body is so let’s work out ok so if you’re not already warmed upmake sure that you do a warm warm up but we’re going to start off with some highknees here to really get those knees up

coming up as high as you can now guess what we are going to do thisfor an entire minute so I know it’s a lot but you can do itwe can do anything for a minute that’s the cool thing about working out likethis with these quick pit workouts okay keep going who that’s it about halfway there so if you’re not already a subscriber here’s what I want you to do don’t siton your couch watching this workout

that’s crazy get up and work out with me and thenwhen you have hit that subscribe button below that way you’re going to get newworkouts delivered right to you every single week and I know you want thatgood all right let’s move into our second move aside hop ok now if you wanted to make this lowimpact just step it ok not a big deal absolutely every move that we do herecan be modified and that’s really

important because you know look I know sometimes we get injuredsometimes we have different things going on but the point is I really do believethat there’s always something that you can do and that’s how we can developthat love for our body keep going here I really feel if your heart ratecome up right away almost there having fun good feel those endorphins start surging through your body good

that’s it okay good next one one of my favorite so we get to takedown a little bit we are going to do Charlie’s Angels, its just a little plie Charlie’s Angels nowif you don’t know what i’m talking about with Charlie’s Angels well number one that just makes me feelold but number two google it there’s a TV show in theseventies and eighties and when I was little

that was the only thing that I wanted tobe was a Charlie’s Angel so you’ll see they’re quite beautifulquite stylish right and they were also private detectives or something Idon’t know they’re mostly just hot babes running around fighting for haha good stay nice and low here keepyour belly pulled it it’s really important ok you if you’re doingthat you start feeling those legs start shaking all right okay good now keeping it in the lowerbody

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