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My 7 belly fat burning foods for weight loss, belly fat burning food number one apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar helps to break down and also eliminate existing body fat itcontains acetic acid which helps to bring up thebodies production of baby has in oxidizing inzones to help burn belly fat fast! I like to use

apple cider vinegar on my salads vegetables and in my lemon water in the morning belly fat burning food number twocayenne pepper cayenne pepper contains capsize which is being shown in some studies tostick my pulling up now we face cayenne pepperhelps too whose body’s metabolic right andincreases your bodies the emergence is which stimulates

increase energy and burning effects Iuse cayenne pepper myself since vegetables in by Sunday morning hotlemon water belly fat burning food number three cinnamon cinnamon has them its unique properties boost your metabolism thinking stabilizeyour blood sugar cinnamon aids in breaking down carbohydrates which can make it easyto lose belly fat fast

I use cinnamon sticks nights in 20 and grand cinnamon in my green smoothie its belly fatburning foods number four, coconut oil coconut hosting in like choc metabolicprocesses which helps with losing weight it contains mediumchain effects day in haines energy production in somestudies

can increase from a dick to me withimproved productivity you can reach use it raining prettywhich can contribute to Pixies Relief Act happened or something news we got a cooking, on my skin my in and my green smoothies belly fat burning food number five dark leafy greens

dark leafy greens lights binge sevengames camel exit ramp hardly alcoholism and packed with nutrients andantioxidants these dark leafy greens help to detox the body what can she make millions on attackreplaces help to keep body okolo keeping the body in ok allies stayed gives you the bestchance to lose


What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. What do you know? On the road to nowhere.Why? I’m actually doing this to show you 3 reasons why I actually prefer you don’t stepon a treadmill if you’re trying to get your conditioning. First and foremost, guys, if you’re tryingto do your conditioning here on a treadmill, I will tell you this. You’re not getting thesame reactions and ground reaction forces in your feet, and therefore you’re certainly not trainingas athletically as you can, but secondly,

you’re not really mimicking what your body’sgoing to have to deal with in the real world in the first place. When your feet hit the ground on a treadmillhere as I’ll show you, you are not actually allowing your muscles to work the way theyshould. Every time this foot steps down, it gets pulledbackwards by the belt. You can see the belt will always passively move me backwards. Butwhat is that doing? That’s certainly not making the hamstringsand gluts do all the work that they should be doing because they’re just being pulledalong for the ride. So, if you really want

to mimic the real deal, you get out there on the floor, on the ground,and you use your own muscle strength in your gluts, hamstrings, and quads to push yourselfand move yourself around the floor. Second thing is right here. We’re going totake you through my eyes to see what I see and right now just after the commercial onMonday Night Football what I’m seeing is straight ahead. The problem is very little do we ever lookstraight ahead when we’re on a treadmill. You see, what we do is, we look down at theconsole, or we have to look down at our feet

because we want to make sure that we’re notdrifting. We have a possibility and we’ve seen all theworkout fail tutorials where you will drift too far back on a treadmill, or you’ll drift toofar to the left or too far to the right. So we constantly keep checking down. But theworst thing that we’ll do is do that because all we’re doing is reinforcing bad posturalhabits. If you don’t believe me, check out this tutorialright here that I took while I was out in San Diego over the weekend for Major LeagueBaseball Winter Meetings at the hotel. Now, as you can obviously see, that is badposture. Is it really his fault? No, not necessarily

because that’s a fairly tall guy looking downat the console, down here below him. He has to follow with bad posture becausewherever your head goes, guys, your body will follow. If your head goes down and looks down,your body will look down and around forward. So it’s not even his problem.Second big problemyou should notice by the way from that tutorial is, you ever notice how much room is dedicatedto treadmills and conditioning in a hotel gym? And how very little room is dedicated to strengthtraining? Well, we really need to see that reversed I think if you really want to seepeople start changing their levels of fitness.

So, we know that we’ve got postural issues.We’ve got our lack of actual function of carryover to the real world, and then finally we havethe last and that is the actual viability of the treadmill as yourbest conditioning option. It’s not. You see, when we start to get out and put ourselvesback in those ground base training environments like we do with our ATHLEAN Burst Training,where we actually get an ability to train at a higher intensity and to also incorporateso many more muscle groups because we can mix in conditioningbased strength training exercisesthat will allow us to work a lot more muscles

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