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How Do Bodybuilders Lose Fat so Quickly

How do bodybuilders lose fat so quickly? It is usually a combination of cutting back on calories while burning a huge number of them. I’ve heard a lot of body builders hawking various supplements for weight loss, muscle growth or both. Some of them sell supplements to pay for what they use. Others sell supplements to pay for essentials like food. Why do so many body builders act like GNC salespeople?.

It turns their physique into a billboard for the product. And it may make everything from gym memberships to workout equipment a tax deductible business expense. And working as a fitness model is a way to show off. Most body builders rely on a mixture of exercise, weight lifting and dietary management. They have to eat so many carbs, protein units and vegetables. They balance their diet to minimize calorie intake while maximizing protein and nutrient intake. That’s why they live off workout shakes and vitamins.

That’s more a matter of laziness. Why buy five pounds of veggies and lean meat and cook it when you could drink a body builder beverage that promises to equal to it? More time in the gym to burn more calories. And more time to show off that body in the hope of getting girls, and more time to earn a living to pay for that body. I’ve heard guys say you can cut fat or gain muscle but not both at the same time. It’s like the fish or cut bait debate. If you focus on weight loss and burning fat, it is hard to get the body to build muscle.

When it thinks it is starving. Your body won’t bulk if it is starving. Yet some guys say they can manage both. When you are bulking and building muscle, you might lose weight, but you’ll certainly lose percentage points of body fat. How do they lose the fat? Burn more than they take in, whether by taking in fewer calories or working out hard or both. So they lose weight the same way everyone else does. But with a lot more weight training.

What is Cutting Lose weight and fat by Cutting Calories

Cutting, cutting, cutting. Now that we’ve covered bulking, it’s time to look at the other side of the spectrum. If losing that belly fat and fat everywhere else is your goal, would cutting be your best option? Well, all types of weight loss diets are essentially cutting programs. The point of cutting is first and foremost reducing your overall bodyweight. Of course, the goal is to have most, if not all of that weight to be body fat. So there’s no big trick here. In order to lose weight, you’re going to have to eat at an energy deficit up until you reach your desired weight or body image. Consider that your TDEE, short for total daily energy expenditure, hovers roughly around.

2000 calories. In order to lose weight, your energy consumption, or what you eat, has to stay below 2000. In terms of weight, every 3500 calories is equal to one pound. That means, in order to lose 1 pound per week on a TDEE of 2000 calories, you’ll have to cut down to 1500 calories per day. Now if you’re a healthy individual that has trained for quite a while now, perhaps 1 to 3 years, going on a cut will inevitably cause you to lose some muscle mass and strength regardless of your consistent lifting. This is mainly due to increased levels of catecholamines and cortisol, which will provide you energy from the breakdown of nutrients such as fats and amino acids, and decreased insulin, which.

Means less protein is delivered to the muscle and muscle protein synthesis rates go down. The net effect of this process is known as catabolism. And the longer you stay in a catabolic state, the more pronounced the effects of these hormones will take place, which simply means the longer you cut, the more muscle you’re risking to lose. Some experts suggest that having refeed days, where you eat an excess of carbs, will help reverse the effects of catabolism. So perhaps the onceeverytwoweeks cheat day might be beneficial to keeping your gains. For beginners, however, it’s still possible for you to lose weight while putting on a great deal of mass with increased strength.

During a cut. This is the reason why many of you know that one former overweight friend that has gotten stronger and look more muscular while dropping body fat at the same time. To expect that as a welltrained individual, however, would just lead to disappointment, unless you do a method known as body recomposition. As far as how fast you should cut, most health associations recommend roughly 10% of your bodyweight per six months, or no more than 2 pounds per week if you’re not too overweight to begin with. Most of those calories removed from your diet might be best to come from your carbs, since typically carbs is the easiest macronutrient to adjust. If hunger and appetite becomes a problem, consider adding more protein.

And fats into your diet, since both macronutrients will help you stay more full. But even before you determine your results from looking at the scale, looking at the mirror might be a better option. Somtimes the scale might not budge but the mirror will tell you the true story. Either way, if you’re concerned with losing too much muscle mass and have time to spare on your cut, going on a slower diet of about 1 pound per week might help you preserve your sweet sweet gains. I wanted to give a thank you to Nick for his generous contribution of Patreon and supporting me and PictureFit. If you would like to support PictureFit as well, come check out my patreon at patreon PictureFit . Thanks for watching!.

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