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Hi I am doctor Shikha Sharma. I am a wellness and nutrition consultant and today I will be talking about the benefits of green tea in terms of weight loss. A lot of people who have switched over to green tea find to their pleasant surprise that they are actually losing weight. So people ask me that is it possible. could it be green tea contributing to our weight loss The answer is yes, and the reason is. in fact several reasons why green tea can contribute to weight loss. The first reason is that when we drink tea with a lot of milk.

The fat from the milk adds on to our weight. Suppose we switch to tea with skimmed milk or toned milk then also the combination of tea and milk and sugar can add to our weight so these are the top two reasons why drinking lot of tea and coffee adds to our weight because of the sugar content. In some cases if the person is resistant or the person has an intolerance to milk then sometimes it causes swelling in the body. Now when the body starts swelling because of intolerance to milk or dairy or lactose because of that body starts swelling.

And that makes the person bloated. In case of green tea there is hardly any person who has intolerance or reaction to green tea so mostly green tea functions like a diuretic. That means the extra bloating the extra swelling the water retention is relieved because green tea is a natural diuretic. The second benefit of drinking green tea is that mostly people can consume it without any sugar so you don’t really need too much of sugar in green tea to consume it so that’s an extra benefit because you are not consuming too much of sugar which.

Green Tea Weight Loss

Leads to weight gain. Another very positive aspect of green tea is that it’s an anti bacterial and it’s an anti viral also so besides the fact that you are losing excess body water or it’s a diuretic so bloating is coming down it’s is also fighting lot of bacteria and germs and what happens when our intestine has lot of unhealthy bacteria, viruses and germs it also puts load on the lever and kidney because of which you have bloating you have swelling and because of that we start putting on weight also. So green tea in a way is a.

Detoxifier. Now what happens when body detoxifies. When lever is cleansed of all the extra metabolites and. the metabolism improves because it can do its functioning, it’s work more efficiently. Similarly when the intestine is full of lot of other bacteria and toxins when the intestine also detoxifies the bloating comes down, the absorption of other vital nutrients is far better. So green tea actually serves to improve the metabolism, improve the excretion of extra material and therefore the weight loss becomes more efficient. Because many times it has been seen the weight loss is not very good. People suffer from stuck weight because their.

Lever is sluggish their digestive system is sluggish and they are holding a lot of toxins in their body. So that way green tea is a great aid in people who are wanting to lose weight and choosing to lose weight. Another benefit how green tea helps in weight loss is that it also suppresses the appetite a little bit. For example if you are feeling hungry and you do not want to over eat then you can have a cup of green tea before beginning your meal. Similarly suppose if you had meals and again you are feeling. you know like.

Nibbling something or eating something. If instead of eating something you take a cup of green tea it will naturally suppress your appetite without causing any side effects. So in fact in all weight loss programs green tea is really recommended. Some of the other teas is also highly recommended like jasmine tea, like camomile tea. Just. though they are not traditionally green teas, they are flower teas, they are infusions. But it is a great add on to your routine of having different kinds of teas. Thank you for watching. In.

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