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This was me, 72 pounds ago after I had my second child. Hey, my name is Sally and yes that really was me in the picture over 70 pounds ago that was right after I had my second son and with that pregnancy I picked up quite a bit of weight and when I looked at that picture I remember never feeling like that weight was gonna come off and I was caring for a newborn I had absolutely no energy during the day and the worst part was that I was constantly hungry.

So I was just snacking and laying around and I really wanted to get up and have that energy to take care of the baby and do everything that I needed to do I was talking to a friend of mine who had recently lost some weight I asked her what she did and she took a product called Capsiplex and was able to lose 35 pounds I was very hesitant at first because I never believed in weight loss supplements and I was afraid it might be a gimmic but she really comvinced me.

To just give it a try and I did that and I’m so very glad that I did because not only weight started falling off but my energy felt like it was just supercharged I was up moving, I was out walking I was going out on dates with my husband again and really I felt great about myself as a mom and as a woman and I would highly recommend it to anyone What I found out when I was researching before I decided to try it is that with Capsiplex, you’re able to burn.

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