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Yo, what’s going on Troy here with MuscleTactics. I’m hanging out in Santa Monica Beach in beautiful Southern California and I want to dive into the three best allnatural fat burning pills. You can’t just pop a pill and not put in any work and burn a bunch of fat. And nothing will burn fat more than doing highintensity interval training, simulating these amazing fat burning hormones, you know, eating clean, having a nice, you know, macronutrient timed diet and doing compound exercises at maximum intensity. You’ve got to work your body’s.

Largest and strongest muscle groups at maximum intensity. You’ve got to be doing some fasttwitch cardio. You’ve got to be eating clean if you really want to be a fat burning machine. But in conjunction with all these things, if you want to take some pills to really supercharge your results, I have three that I swear by. They’re incredible, allnatural fat burners. And please, if you’re watching this tutorial and you’re not doing the other things to burn fat, don’t be in that mindset. You are fucking lazy. Don’t not put in the work.

And think you can just take a pill and burn fat. If you want to put in the work and you want to do sprints, and you want to train, and you want to eat right and then you want to supercharge your results with the best allnatural fat burners, go for it. That is a perfect strategy and I completely recommend you doing that. But if you think you can just pop these pills and see amazing results, we would all be ripped. We would all be healthy. We would all be rich. We live in this magic pill society. So let me just preface the tutorial.

Best Fat Burning Pills 3 All Natural Fat Burners For SHREDDED Six Pack Abs

With saying all that. I’ll still going to get into the three favorite allnatural metabolism boosters, but just please, don’t be in that magic pill mindset. Don’t be in that mindset that you can just take a pill and you can just have these amazing results. So with all that being said let me dive into my three favorite all natural fat burners. So number one is something I have no idea why more people don’t know about this. It is so cheap. It’s so effective. It’s one of the top rated supplements on Bodybuilding. I’ve known.

About it for years now. I live and die by this fat burning supplement. If I could only take one supplement, you know in cutting season, or when I’m trying to get really ripped, it would be this one and it is yohimbine HCL. Now yohimbine is this like South American tree bark extract and it’s really strong. There’s like this stimulant scale and it’s like caffeine then you have yohimbine then you have, you know, the really hard stuff like amphetamines and cocaine. Obviously you don’t want to take that. So you have, yohimbine.

Is one of the strongest all natural metabolism and fat burners. And it actually is a vasodilator so it increases your blood flow. A lot of people say that it increases your sex drive. It stimulates fat burning when your insulin levels are really low, so you do not want to take this with a high carbohydrate meal. The best way to utilize yohimbine and all of the benefits associated with it, are to consume it on an empty stomach or consume it with like a protein and healthy fat meal. So when I’m really trying to get cut, I.

Will actually wake up in a fasted state. I’ll take two yohimbine pills and I will do highintensity interval training. Do some sprints. If you want to be a fatburning machine, if you want to get ripped in the shortest amount of time possible, follow this game plan. Take some yohimbine right when you get up. Do some highintensity interval training, you will be a fatburning machine I promise you. So yohimbine HCL I recommend by a company called Primaforce. You can get it on Bodybuilding. You can get it on Amazon. It’s like 10 15 dollars.

For a month supply of the stuff. And it’s so much more effective than the over the counter, like Hydroxycut and Ripped Fuel and all these bullshit, you know, stimulant based fat burners. A lot of them actually contain small components of yohimbine. But you want the yohimbine HCL. It’s most easily utilized by your body and it will turn you into a fatburning machine. Next up is another one of my favorite supplements of all time. It is matcha green tea. Now they don’t really sell this in a pill form, but what I do when I’m on the go and I’m travelling,.

Is I’ll just buy the really cheap little capsules. You can get them at a pharmacy store. You can even get it at a WalMart or Target. But you can just get the little blank capsules. And I’ll buy matcha green tea powder, which is meant to obviously make the hot matcha green tea and I’ll just fill up these little capsules with about a gram of this matcha green tea. This stuff is incredible. It has I think 15 to 20 times the antioxidants that like blueberries have. It’s one of the most antioxidant rich components in the world.

It’s got a ton of this EGCG, which is the antioxidant that’s in normal green tea, so it’s equivalent to drinking like 15 to 20 cups of normal green tea. And such an easy way to do it is just to put the powder in a little capsule and just, you know, pop it when you’re on the go. So it’s a lot more convenient than having to, you know, warm up water and make tea with it. You know, I drink the tea as well when I’m just working or at home, but if you want a really quick, a really efficient fat burner just buy the.

Matcha green tea powder, you want the ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder, put it in the little capsule, you will be good to go. They don’t sell it like this, but it’s so easy to make. I’ll do it another tutorial just kind of showing you how I do it and how much you should put in the capsule, but you know, fill up the capsule half way if you’re really caffeine sensitive. If you do really well with caffeine, you drink a lot of coffee, you should be able to handle a full capsule of it. But this stuff alkalizes your body.

You’re going to feel good when you take it. It energizes you and it is such a good all natural fat burner. And then last not but not least is something called LCarnitine. What LCarnitine does is it metabolizes your fat cells into energy. So what this does is it oxidizes your fat cells and your body is able to utilize them as energy. And this is one of my favorite fat burners of all time because actually it helps improve your exercise performance as well. It reduces the lactic acid consumption in your body. Lactic acid.

Is that like crazy burn your feel when you’re doing highrep exercises. And actually a lot of good things come from this lactic acid. You boost up your HGH. A lot of amazing things happen, but obviously you can only withstand that pain, that lactic acid pump for so long. So LCarnitine actually helps reduce this lactic acid, helps your body metabolize these fat cells into energy and it is a really powerful, scientifically proven allnatural fat burner. It’s just a nonessential amino acid, so I highly recommend LCarnitine. So those are.

Three allnatural fat burners that you can take to turn yourself into a fat burning machine, but I do not recommend you take them if you’re not working out. If you’re not taking action in the gym, you’re not eating clean. If you do highintensity interval training and you do compound exercises at the maximum intensity, you eat clean, you take these three allnatural pills, you guys will be machines. I promise you this is your quickest path to getting really ripped, getting sixpack abs. So anyways guys, that is it for now. The sun is going.

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