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in college and then anyway especiallyour freshman year at the top freshman year publishes one year nine years andyou can get on well then later there could be a and and jennifer college females are turning to dietpills to get ready about excess weight and i just wanted totalk about this because coming from my advice now talk to your about this but i would say say away from diet pills ifpossible and here are some really good

reason this also coming from her campusabout why you should stay away from diet hell so first of all i want to talkabout uh. what’s actually in diet pills a lot of there’s a lot of caffeineand or on a and what bad guys is not only does it suppressor appetite now methat’s one thing that i should say to you first is that mainly what diet pillsare doing that are not actually making you lose weight especially overthe counter want their district in your brain into not letting your body know thatit’s

hungry and so you’re not actuallythey’re not actually burning fat off of you there just written you it’s noteating and sellout one of the ways that it doesi see the energy boost from cathy and selling it makes you feel stressedout these are taking negative effects on your body to heal it’s not justsomething that is going to suppress your appetite and i don’t like i said brother goodiesover the counter summer actually going to s in getting prescriptions thatwere likely you’re probably getting them

over the counter both can be dangerousit’s not just the prescription ones that can cause negative health concern mc and another over the counter wants touse a state now this is that we’re going to call it has to be dine in combination with diet andexercise and the point that i really wanna make aids any sort of healthier longterm week lives

mason just be done through diet andexercise there’s no magic to losing weight longterm because a lotof this fad diets and diet pills and everything like that and still is you stop first whilethey’re not they’re not sustainable longterm like the acm site youshouldn’t be you like depriving your body completely of carbon hydrates nolonger and i said to have really bad effects on the brain so all these baddiets sooner or later trampled native health consequences um.

and usually in weight gain too becauseit’s not something sustainable so i think if you really do want to loseweight what you should do is just trying to endadopt a healthy lifestyle you know you talked about this before too it’s on a diet taking on a lifestyleexactly google we’re gonna be talking about yours resolutions and that thiscould be a part of that it so that what the body can get rid ofthe can put right back on and so if you’re just focus on the lips sweeps ofweight loss or something

Xenical Orlistat diet pills Why I quit after 2 months Tutorial 4 of 4

Arrh, so this tutorial is basically just to clear up whyI finished doing Orlistat. The reason was is when I went vegan it completelygot rid of my IBS. IBS is when you get real pains in your stomachbut being on Orlistat because if you eat any fat it makes it liquid. This means you have got diarrea a lot of thetime which I find quite painful. So I didn’t want to go back into the wholepainful stomach thing so I actually stopped. I actually lost 10 kgs on the Orlistat whichwas quite good. It helped me see the hidden fat in my dietso I could change this.

I have now changed to Slimming World becauseI can eat as much as I want without any of the pain. Or the worry of going out and having an accident. So it might suit some people but overall Iwould say do something like Slimming World and just change the way you eat forever. Ratherthan. Do something abnormal to your body which isgoing to cause you pain. The end.

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