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Hi loves, welcome back to my channel! I’m going to do a review on a tea brand that i’ve been trying out for the last few weeks I’m just going to give you my results and yeah! What it did for me! So if you are interested, keep watching! So the brand that I am review is called bootea I have the 14 day teatox. I have the day time teatox and the bed time cleanse. What this is supposed to do, is help you loose weight. It’s supposed to basically detox your body like any other detox that are out there.

That I have tried. I really like this tea, specifically because of the tea bag. The tea is okay, but I like the teabag and I feel like I get more of the product because of the tea bag. The ingredients in this tea is Chinese Oolong tea, Mate Leaves, Ginger root, Fennel seeds, Ginseng root, Guto Kola Leaves and Nettle Leaves. That’s the mix that is in this particular tea. Throughout trying different types of teas, I do know that the ingredients do vary. But the main ingredient is the Chinese Oolong.

Tea. So, I’m going to show you what the bag looks like, and when you open it up, you have to be careful because the teabag is very delicate. One o my tea bags when I opened up my order, it was kind of split open a little bit. So just be careful when you are taking off the string because the string. Because the string comes attached to the teabag. So because full when you are taking it off. But you can see that it’s pyramid type of tea bag which is really nice.

Bootea teatox review

One thing that I know that I do is after I let my tea steep, I like to squeeze the tea bag out so I basically just press and let the excess water and tea drip out of the bag. But this, you don’t have to worry about it. I still do that, but not that much, because the tea leaves are able to float around and it gives it more of an airy feeling. So, that’s really nice about this tea. Now I thought this was going to be like a normal.

Tea that I got. Like I said, I’ve tried many of these teatox teas and I didn’t think it was going to be any different. And in the beginning, it wasn’t any different. I honestly, didn’t see any results after drinking it for about twothree days. And usually, with the other teas, I see results. kind of fast. So after I didn’t see that, I was kind of like. um. this is probably not going to work. It’s probably not as good as they say. Because the reviews are this tea is really.

Good. So I measured my waist line before I started this teatox. And after I finished about, two weeks, which was actually, last week I believe, I measured my waist again and I couldn’t believe it. I honestly thought that I was just imagining things. Maybe it was something that I just wanted to happen. I have been working out I workout all the time. You guys know this. so If you are eating a well balanced diet and you are eating healthy, and you are working out and you are drinking this tea, you are going to see results. But with the bloating, it.

Wasn’t one of those teas tat I’ve taken in the past where yeah it gets rid of the bloating, but as soon as I stop taking the tea, the bloating comes back. Lets move on to the bedtime cleanse. You also get 14 teabags in the same pyramid shape. I will say the scent of this one is not as pleasant as the daytime one. This one, you gotta get used to it. This one has Sienna leaves, peppermint leaves, fenugreek seeds, Licorice root, Burdock root, Hawthorn leaves, valerian root and Psyllium seeds.

Lets not talk about my pronunciation I probably butchered every single last one. But I’ll have all of the information and the links and stuff down in the description bar so you guys can check that out. But Immediately when you smell this, you smell the peppermint. And I love peppermint. I’m a big peppermint fan. But I do agree, it’s very gentle. Its not as harsh as my sin teas and that’s what I really like. It also has a projection time on when you need the laxative effect happen. Opposed to.

My asian teas, you don’t really know. I literally have to stay home all day because i’m not sure what could happen. So, with this one, after 8 hours of consumption, that’s when you are going to see the laxative take effect. But out of the daytime teatox and the bedtime cleanse, the bedtime cleanse is my all time favorite. I wouldn’t repurchase the daytime one, but I would repurchase the bedtime cleans because I love the formula of it. And, my waist line is amazing and yeah! So that is my opinion of these teas. I hope you enjoyed.

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