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Fat Burning Foods - Fat Burning Secrets

Fat Burn Workouts - 5 Fat Burning Exercises For The Stomach That Works

Fat Burning Secrets

Training for my first half marathon opened my eyes to some amazing fat burning secrets.

Watch someone train and you will notice two things. First, they have a progressive schedule they stick to. They run almost every day, they do one long run each week, and they always push themselves a little.

The second thing you will notice is that they drop fat at an alarming rate. Just as the proven schedule gives them confidence that they will be able to conquer what seems like an insurmountable distance, the science behind the schedule also gives their body the tools it needs to burn high volumes of stored fat to fuel their journey.

So how does this training turn someone into a fat burning machine?

Here are three fat burning secrets that explain the mystery:

1 Running everyday increases their ability to use more oxygen to burn more fat.

To torch stored fat, you want to train aerobically to give your body lots of oxygen. This is the key difference from high intensity training where no oxygen is present, lactic acid forms, and no fat is burned. The guys in the gym are burning stored sugar, not stored fat. By increasing your aerobic capacity and VO2 max through consistent daily runs, you give your body the ability to process more oxygen and burn more fat.

2 The long runs actually increase the number of fat burning furnaces they have in their muscles.

Once your stored fat breaks down into free fatty acids it is transported into the mitochondria to be burned. These mitochondria are very important because they are the little furnaces in your cells that burn your fat. Prolonged exercise (90 minutes) encourages your body to respond by producing more fat burning mitochondria in your muscles. The magic is that after you create more fat burning machines, your body will eventually learn to prefer fat as its source for fuel. I couldn’t believe how quickly my body fat went down when I started the longer runs. You create more fat-burning furnaces, burn more fat, buy new jeans.

3 By pushing, their body adapts so that it can run more miles in the same amount of time, burn more calories, and release more stored fat.

Many people stay aerobic by going extremely low intensity. The problem with that is that they end up in marathon cardio sessions without burning as much fat as they could. It is much better to exercise with a higher level of intensity but just below your anaerobic threshold. This means you are still using oxygen to burn fat but are pushing yourself to run faster and farther, thus burning more calories and more fat. As you push, you will increase your anaerobic threshold and will be able to keep increasing the amount of fat you can burn in the same amount of time. You want to feel pleasantly tired at the end of your workout, which is different from the feeling people have when they exercise at a low intensity and different from the absolute exhaustion they feel from high intensity exercise.

The Bottom Line – The secret to fat burning is to improve your ability to process oxygen and use fat for energy.

The secret to fat burning is to create the training conditions for high oxygen use. By running everyday with at least one long run per week you will increase the amount of oxygen available for fat burning, you will increase the number of fat burning furnaces you have, and you will be able to increase your intensity and calories/fat burned. Experience these¬†fat burning secrets yourself by starting a half marathon schedule: you’ll be surprised by how much you gain and how much you lose.

7 Effective Fat Burning Tips to Get Leaner and Healthier

If you have a little bit of extra body fat and you want to burn it off in order to get leaner, you have come across the perfect article. This is because you will find 7 effective fat burning tips in this article – they all will help you to get rid of that last body fat.

Eat first thing in the morning

Eating first thing in the morning will boost your metabolism and make sure that your body gets out of starvation mode (it gets there when you haven’t had food for a long time) – leading to a higher fat and calorie bur percentage. And if you eat a healthy low GI breakfast like oats or eggs on toast, you will also feel fuller for longer.

Eat 6 small meals more often

Eating 6 small meals more often will ensure that you keep fuller for longer and will also ensure that you avoid eating unhealthy cheat food. It will also boost your metabolism – making it easier to burn off fat.

Include fat burning foods

Fat burning foods assist in burning fat and will lower your body fat percentage just by eating it. Good fat burning foods and drinks to include in your diet are: one morning cup of coffee, green tea, chilies, lean protein, nuts and fat free dairy products.

Weight train

The single best exercise to burn off excess body fat while you are exercising and also for 48 hours thereafter is weight training. It burns a ton of fat and it boosts your metabolism. In order to burn off enough fat, you have to weight train for 3 days a week, doing upper and lower body exercises.

Free exercise

When you want to lower your body fat percentage, you have to take every opportunity you have to burn off excess calories and fat. Do this by doing free exercises – walking your dog, taking the stairs instead of the lift and mowing the lawn will all help.

Drink ice cold water

Your metabolic rate increases significantly from drinking an ice cold glass of water – making your body burn calories and fat in order to heat the water.

Ditch the long hours of cardio

Long hours of cardio are actually bad for you – it causes the body to burn lean muscle mass for energy and it holds on to fat. You might lose weight from tons of cardio, but you are holding on to a lot of fat. Rather opt for cardio interval training for 20 minutes, 3 days a week.

Just follow these fat burning tips and you will start burning fat as we speak. And if you eat a fat burning diet and you exercise regularly, you will lose that body fat sooner or later.

The Killer 5 Fat Burning Diets!

The idea of certain unique foods capable of burning fat sounds too good to be true for folks who’re trying really hard to get rid of a few pounds. But even then you must have came across these at many places both online and offline. So, today we are going to find out what is the real truth associated with these particular diets and can they really help a person lose any fat whatsoever?

Let me tell you this truthfully, YES there do really exist several exclusive foods that can help you lose your excess fat and gradually result in fat loss.

I know saying a simple YES is actually not a really superb answer so let me describe in depth just how can eating some special foods will gradually lead to fat loss. Generally the energy needed to break down certain specific foods is larger in comparison to many others so they burn more calories while being thoroughly digested. Simply saying, these foods burn higher quantity of calories in comparison with the quantity of calories they consist of, so the final result is ‘Eating a lesser number of calories burns up larger calories.’ Now let us take a look at some popular fat burning foods.


Compared to the fat and carbohydrate rich foods, the protein foods require considerably more energy to break down totally resulting in burning a lot more calories. Let me tell you some terrific fat-burning protein foods:
VEG DIET:- Almost all beans (Lima beans, white beans, navy beans and kidney beans), whole fiber foods (foods which are not processed), pulses, oat meal, lentils etc.
NON VEG DIET:- Egg-whites, tuna, trout, chicken white meat, shrimps, turkey breast, lobsters, oysters etc.

The majority of the citrus fruits are fiber rich and are thus difficult to digest and require considerably more calories to burn resulting in some serious weight loss. Also, the vitamin C contained in the citrus fruits make it really easy to digest fat by highly diluting it. Some superb fat burning citrus fruits are grapes, oranges, watermelon, strawberries, plums, cranberries, pomegranates etc.

Dairy products help in absorbing the fat quicker because the calcium found in them disintegrates the fat at a greater rate. Moreover, the calcium rich milk products which are low in fat at the same time end up being an incredible combination to lose fat really quick. A number of experts even claim that the combination of high calcium and low fat milk products nearly doubles the speed of weight loss! A few of these fantastic combos are low fat cheese, low-fat milk of course, no fat yogurt etc.

The majority of the vegetables largely contain water and are as a result not very good at burning virtually any fat, on the other hand there are some vegetables which do assist in burning some fat and they are also great for your health otherwise, I have listed a few of them below:
Asparagus, radishes, lettuce, celery, onions, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, chili etc.

Among all of them, chili is really effective in burning calories as it is a thermogenic food. For anyone who are not aware of what thermogenic foods are, these are the foods that go on burning up the calories within your body even after 30 min of consuming them and result in a reasonable fat loss.

There are several miscellaneous fat burning foods that aren’t covered above in any of the food groups. Included in this are: Green tea extract, nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts, brazil nuts), olive oil, beet root, brown rice, lentils etc.

So, these were a few of the major foods that you should try to incorporate within your fat loss diet plan and combined with some simple workout routines or cardio exercises you can obtain some great results in almost no time!

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